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Boutique Malinois Breeders

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About Us

Breeding Belgian Malinois with proven pedigrees

Who we are

At vonPerkhofer, we love dogs. We especially love working dogs for their trainability, companionship and function. My husband and I have been raising Malinois in our family for 20 years. We have a love of the breed and want to share this with others seeking to add a Belgian Malinois Shepherd to their life. 


Our breeding philosophy

We know the importance of starting with robust breeding practices - and we only breed dogs with proven working line pedigrees. The reason we breed working line dogs with proven pedigrees is for their robust temperament. A poorly bred dog can be unpredictable, difficult to manage and live with. Working line Malinois can be trained in just about anything - from highly effective military and police dogs to family companions keeping a watchful eye on your home. 

Our dogs
Our breeding girls are part of our family, they live with us on our property and are an integral part of our lives. Our breeding girls are part of our pack, which includes an old Malinois boy, an Australian Cobberdog, alpacas, sheep and chickens. We train our dogs for family and farm life. Our puppies are raised with children, animals, and daily life exposures to ensure their early development prepares them to be ideal companion dogs. 

Setting puppies up for success
We work hard to ensure successful placements of our Malinois puppies. 
Belgian Malinois require and thrive on training and strong relationships with their people.
We invest time in the placement of all our dogs to ensure that when they go home, they are set up for success. All our puppies and their new homes are provided with support to ensure a successful partnership. Our puppies leave us with limited, non-breeding pedigrees (full breeding pedigrees can be negotiated), vet checked, microchipped, wormed, vaccinated and registered with the AKC. 

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