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Our Girls



Von Praxx Krav Maga (Rousey) is our first breeding girl. She comes from a serious line of working dogs and she is a wonderful example of the proven mating between Von Praxx Dangerzone 'Rouge' and Nordenstamm Echo. As would be expected of K9s in her lineage, Rousey has supreme drive, eagerness to work, intelligence and robust nerve. She is also incredibly affectionate, intuitive to her people and a wonderful companion dog.

Rousey is a prized member of our family. We have been training Rousey in farm and family life. She loves nothing more than chasing sheep along the fence line, showing you her skills and learning new tricks.

Rousey puppies

Our Girls: Females
Rousey waiting patiently
Rousey as a pup
Looking for sheep
Following a scent
Our Girls: Portfolio
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