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4 weeks to go!

Time is flying by and we are in nesting mode. Rousey's bump is growing and she is becoming more protective of her body - keeping the boys away from her with rapid fire warnings, if they dare wander too close. With us she is super snuggly and I find myself sitting with her in the afternoons for what feels like never ending pats.

We are busy preparing for whelping - stockpiling all the supplies we will need to support Rousey and the puppies when they arrive. There is lots to organise!

With just under four weeks to go we are also busy screening prospective puppy placements to ensure we find a fit that results in happy puppies and owners alike. We know how much joy the companionship of a well rounded Malinois can bring to people. For each prospective home we are thinking about the lifestyle, how the pup will fit in and what exposures we can give the puppy while we raise it, in those first crucial few months, to set it up for a successful transition.

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