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A long wait and finally some exciting news!

We were are all set and waiting patiently for Rousey to come into season for what seems like an eternity. After a few delays (some because our girl is so clean that it is difficult to catch her season, and others due to unforeseen events), Rousey came into season in late September. As is usually the case with anything you have been waiting for, the eventual timing was lousy with a family holiday planned to start that week. Fortunately, things it was already in full swing and within days Rousey's eggs were introduced to Lennox's swimmers. Today we had the long awaited litter confirmed with an ultrasound.

Truth be told, I knew it had taken a few weeks ago - with Rousey showing all the signs of being on a hormonal rollercoaster. She has been extra affectionate, has decided she only eats the good stuff and is (like most pregnant ladies) needing to pee more often.

Over this past year, watching Rousey mature beautifully and seeing her manage the comings and goings of visitors, our young child and all her friends, I have become increasingly confident that her pups will make terrific companions with a purpose. Looking forward to sharing puppy photos soon!

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