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What some of our puppy owners have to say

I am fortunate enough to have one of Rousey’s litter, a beautiful boy called Freddie (vonPerkhofer Radon). Thanks to Yasmin’s remarkable involvement in Freddie’s upbringing during his first 9 weeks, he has turned out to be a well-rounded, sociable dog, with a wonderful personality.

Yasmin supplied regular photos and videos of Freddie and his siblings, almost daily. His interactions with her children, other pets, chickens, etc. have made my life easier as he becomes a teenager.

I could not have found a better breeder.

Paul & Freddie

From Rousey's first litter, Cobalt (vonPerkhofer Plutonium) has joined our family. We chose him for his intense human focus, loveable floppiness and his gentle nature with our children. He has strong food drives. This video is an early morning start, showing his pre-eating routine. Our plans are to train him in tracking in a K9 Search and Rescue club. Looking forward to getting him specialised in a fun job for a pup!

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